From the moment I began to think for myself, I’ve been drawn towards counter-cultural movements in art, music, and writing. The results of experimental processes occasionally produce original work that’s so powerful and luminous that it surpasses what’s possible within the narrow range of mass culture.

Growing up in South Carolina, my access to art was not as wide as my access to music, and I gravitated to the abstraction in Autechre and Aphex Twin and the other Warp Records artists. Coil (made up of former members of Throbbing Gristle and Psychic TV) with their driven sense of individuality and their belief that music could have a rejuvenating function, became increasingly important to me as I began to create art.

While studying at Boston University, I spent countless hours trying to draw and paint my immediate surroundings, repetitive abstractions, and copies of old masters. Seeing my attempts, an acquaintance of mine referred me to SCAD, and I wound up there three months later. While there, I studied under Jason Hoelscher, Craig Drennen, Jeff Markowsky, Curtis Bartone, and others who helped me to expand my technical ability and increase the conceptual range of my capabilities.

Away from art school, I spent several years in the rural mountains of North Carolina making art, working, studying Tai Chi, and developing myself as a person. The artistic community in that area values craftsmanship, artisan-made objects, and materials that possess a lineage or story. These critical years of semi-retreat helped me find the core of my beliefs.

In 2014, I moved to Houston to begin teaching art, primarily drawing. I believe that anyone who develops a skill to a certain extent has a duty to pass on that knowledge, and I look for novel ways of transmitting fundamental techniques and procedures, freeing students up to create images that go beyond a naturally limited range of ideas. In 2017, I took over as the Department Chair of Art and Humanities at LSC-Montgomery where we push to create the best possible art program for our community.